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Helping Busy Career Women
Make Life Work

Itís time to silence that voice inside your head, which says, “Iím not good enough” Ö “I canít do it” Ö “Itíll never happen” ... Itís time to focus on the positive; to find the spark that gives you the confidence to remove the barriers that stop you expressing who you are and follow your passion. It's time to STEP UP change your habits and focus on YOU.

I know your life is busy. Youíre tired, overloaded with a to-do
list a mile long. You feel stretched, answering to everyoneís
needs and wants before your own. I get it.

The thing is, how you think and feel has a massive impact on
what you do, and so does how you react to others and
the situations you find yourself in. When you're busy you're
less present, more distracted and more focused on the negative.

As a busy career woman, wife and mother I know how hard it can be to put your needs first. You feel guilty even selfish for wanting things to be different, for simply wanting that little bit of "me" time. How many times have you made excuses, justified or given a foolish reason for doing it all? For not going to the gym; not taking it easy; not meeting up with friends; not making time for your relationship; not sticking to that diet or not doing what YOU want?

I was where you are now. It got to the point where I knew things had to change. The changes I made might not be the same changes you need to make but whatever they are I would love to help you.

You deserve to experience life at its very best; to show the world the Happiest, Sexiest, Healthiest version of you. Taking care of YOUR needs and wants is vitally important. Life is that much better when you're feeling great, have time on your hands and can relax.

Love YOU — mind, body and soul.

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P.S. When you're trying to do something exceptional, bold and life-changing having me alongside, as your coach, to help and guide you will make things much much easier. I personally work with my own high-level coach, which I find incredibly valuable in supporting me to achieve & move forward fast.



“I have known Lusanna since 2006 and would highly recommend her services as a professional and committed coach to her clients. Lusanna is adept in using her skills and knowledge to inspire and challenge you to take action in working towards your chosen goals. If you want to see fast results, work with Lusanna.”          CP -Cambridge

“Lusanna is an inspirational person to work with. She communicates and connects with people with the utmost ease and instils confidence in everyone she meets. Her organisational skills are exceptional and she is exactly the kind of person you want to have around when you're facing a big challenge.”  YK - London

“Lusanna is a truly talented and inspiring life coach. Her ability to empathise with your situation and yet inspire change is something you must experience. She is resourceful and the perfect partner to encourage, cajole and strive for the change you want in you life to be the person you know you should be.” LM – Preston

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