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After just one session with Lusanna - WOW!  I felt so inspired to begin my journey of change”

 A Goodman Medical Centre Manager  - Wiltshire

“As a successful businesswoman and mother I was at a point in my life when I had reached a milestone.  I realised that I wanted move out of my comfort zone.  Lusanna helped me to do this.  She is a really supportive individual.  She allowed me the time to explore and understand the things that were holding me back.  She is a particularly good listener and is happy to challenge your reasoning.  Whilst being coached I realised that I could do, be and have whatever I want in life.  It was very powerful experience for me; I was given techniques that I will use.  I believe coaching can help many people and working with someone who is as committed, knowledgeable and positive as Lusanna is something that I would recommend to anyone.”

F Venton Harvey – Manager – Local Government – Bath

“I have always been a goal orientated individual, coaching helped me to clarify my goals and understand what’s really important to me, whilst facing up to the things that have been holding me back. I found that having a coach like Lusanna helped me enormously.  She listened well, is very personable, bright individual and well grounded in experience.  I really enjoyed the way Lusanna challenged my thoughts, she helped me to see how successful I am and my achievements. Coaching made me realise that whilst progress can be achieved on your own, with the support of a great coach like Lusanna one is able to move forward and achieve the things you want from life so much more easily.”

L Mitchell – Marketing Director – London

“I had numerous big changes happening in my life when I chose to work with a coach.  I got in touch with Lusanna – one of the best decisions of 2007!  I have found coaching to be an incredibly positive experience and it has helped me become more self-confident and happy with life.  When you work with a coach I feel it is important to have trust.  I felt that I could talk to Lusanna about anything; her non-judgemental approach always gave me the knowledge that she had my best interest at heart and I liked this.  Lusanna brings into the coaching her life experiences.  She has an enthusiasm for coaching and I really enjoyed the way that she was able to challenges in a way that really helps you to be totally honest with yourself. One of the most positive things I found coaching has helped me with is that I am as good as anyone and that I am only restricted by my own thoughts. I now feel confident enough to now give my own start-up businesses a try, I’ve stuck to a weight-loss program and have done so well, and overall it has been a fantastic investment in myself. Have coaching with Lusanna!  It will make a difference, no matter what stage you’re at in your life.”

T Rissik – IT Manager – London

“Life coaching has allowed me to awaken and blossom, it's not so much a push in the right direction but an eye-opener to the vast possibilities that are available and a knowledge of how we attract good experiences into our lives. Lusanna guides her clients through the process with care and compassion, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to potential clients - if you are considering life coaching give it a go, you have so much to gain."

S Emery - Technical Engineer - Bristol

“Lusanna made me feel very relaxed, which allowed me to focus on what my intentions are and aim to carry them through.  The coaching was very well presented and Lusanna was very empathetic to my needs.”

G Edwards – H R Manager - Exeter

"Lusanna helped me to feel inspired to changemy life for the better - permanently"

A Newman - Artist - Herefordshire

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